Katya Gordeyeva & Sergey Grinkov — Stunning Short Program at Lillehammer 1994!

Before the 1994 Olympics Sergei and I, along with other members of the Russia team underwent full medical examination, which didn’t reveal any health problems,” Gordeeva said. A post shared by Katia Gordeeva (@katiaagordeeva) on Nov 20, 2017 at 5:04am PST. … Both Gordeeva and Grinkov originally dreamed of becoming single skaters, but were later relocated to pair skating as their jumps were not high enough for individual competition. In 1983, the 11-year-old ‘Katia,’ as Gordeeva was then known, was paired with 14-year-old Grinkov. … © Sergey Guneev © Sputnik. By delivering an immaculate free-skate program, lauded a “masterpiece of figure skating” by sports specialists, the couple clinched Olympic gold.

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