TKO Highlight | Gennady Golovkin vs Grzegorz Proksa…

Watch the full fight boxing replay video between Gennady “GGG” Golovkin of Karaganda, Kazakhstan and Grzegorz “Super G” Proksa of Jaworzno, Poland. Match happened at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, New York, USA. This bout is for Golovkin’s International Boxing Organization World Middleweight and World Boxing Association World Middleweight Titles. Facebook Notice for EU! You need to login to view and post FB Comment

Mike Oren
Thank the ref for saving Proksa’s life. There was nothing more he needed to prove.


Тень охотника
Гена молодец.Задал ему трёпку.Соперник очень стойкий,так же заслуживает уважения.Гена,красивая,достойная победа!!!!


What a joy to see one of the best ever natural middleweights sticking to his natural weight and showing us, again, that being beaten by a natural super-middleweight capable of fighting at light heavy is irrelevant to the career of a top middleweight. Some people can float between weights, some can not; it’s the way a person’s body is made and there is no option if the natural disposition is not there. This was a beautiful fight between GGG and a very worthy opponent.


Neivaldo Duarte
Caramba!! Esse Golovkyn se vc não pensar em uma estratégia de luta contra ele, já perdeu… o adversário devia ter ido pro «clinch»… sei lá. Tentar trocar com ele, já tonto de golpes, é fatal.


Ernie Carrillo
Max was 100% wrong to say Pirog would have been an easier opponent. Pirog was a beast! Too bad he suffered a career ending injury.


milove4art 2018
GGG… half man half machine. Proksa definitely has champion blood in his vains.🥊


benjamin franklin
getting punch on the head by ggg almost like getting hit on the head with a hammer🤣


Казбек Ибрагимов
Генчик техничныи быстрый и очень думающий боксёр


Proksa chose the absolute worst guy to fight in the pocket with, but he definitely went out on his shield lol.


Nima Akhtar Khavari
Props to the ref for the stoppage…


Víctor Ríos
Golovkin es mi ídolo me cae


Great fight. Really shows off Gennady boxing style and skill. Mad respect to proksa, showed great standing slip skills but I wish he just add some foot movement to those for next training camp. That’s just my opinion I could be very wrong. Soo mich respect, proska got so much heart.


Sanu Lo atheist
In order to stand against GGG punching power you need STEROIDS.😂


Clow Tears
Is Proksa a Russian? He fought like he was under Vodka influence then awakened his inner Drunken Fist.


Николай Сёмин
Генка по ходу хотел подольше погулять не торопясь )))


Кайрат Аяшев
Гена, красавчик 👏!


Azizi Sakri
TripleG the real monster in the ring,GGG best middleweight i ever seen,Iron chin..


Улукбек Орозалиев
Гена красавчик Алга 🇰🇬


Miroslaw Jastrzebski
Gdy sie walczy z tak wysokiej klasy piesciarzem . jak Golowkin . to garde trzyma sie wysoko . a nie rece na kolanach . Ma nauczkie na przyszlosc


V0RN eek
Looked like a teenager being manhandled by a man. Gallant stand though by the Polish warrior.


Mohamed Haddi
GGG الرجل الحديدي


johannes endjala
Ggg doesnt care getting hit,, as long as he is hitting back. no problem


The Man
That before he meet canelo 🇲🇽 🥊


Aldrin Siega
Well im so excited to watcth next Genady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez 3


Cesar Dela fuente
iron chin genady golovkin💪💪💪💪💪


Michael Marchese
Everyone knows that’s Charlie zellenoff


Сергій Романюк
Гжегош фсё. Куда полез, зачем полез?


Canelon your Dad is looking for you!!!!!


Tiger Gray


Shawn Howes
middle weight division is pillow hands division only 3 can hit hard weak chins and hands of sand not of rock like 90s and older


marco villa
El pichoncito que le hecharon,


dwarrior 6969
Proksa’s style is sloppy and he’s also slow…you can see his moves from a mile away


Sergio Alaniz
Look like he doesn’t hit hard and diffently not a pro prosko


Isa sa Pinaka matibay na panga sa boksing

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