Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine) vs Hasim Rahman (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD 262 093 просмотра 6 янв. 2022

Professional ukrainian heavyweight boxer and olympic champion Wladimir Klitschko with nickname «Dr. Steelhammer» against american top ranked athlete and unified WBC, IBF, IBO and lineal titles holder in 2001 Hasim Rahman with nickname «The Rock». Fight billed as «X-Plosive» for IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight belts took place in SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany on December 13, 2008. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD. Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine) vs Hasim Rahman (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD Highlights Share and Subscribe!

Fernando Reis
Eu sei que o problema não foi só esse, mas o Hasim Rahman passou a luta inteira com a guarda mais ridícula e ineficiente que eu já vi. O sujeito fez uma cabana com as luvas na altura da testa e pelo meio ficou uma avenida pra 200 jabs.


Neivaldo Duarte
Molinho pro Wladimir… dificil pro Haman. Essa diferença de envergadura, nesse caso, pesa muito. O Wladimir deve ter uns 2m ou mais, já o Haman não chega a 1,90cm. Eu acho que isso pesou bastante nesse confronto.


I rate Wladimir Klitschko about 7th of all time — in my view he is about equal to Larry Holmes.


Вадим Шехмаметьев
Кличко Молодец честный бой. Беда в том что среди нас окопы враги накочали.


Dinar App
I do remember as Before the fight with Oleg Maskaev Rahman said “I will never lose to any white guy!”… “I am not “white guy!” — responded Oleg, “ I am Russian!” he said. ….. Now we see that Rahman lose by KO to Maskaev (Russian) then to Alexandr Povetkin (Russian)and to Klichko (former Russian) then. All of them as you know are white! As we say in Russia: Never say “Done!” upfront you have it really done! However , we really and sincerely respect Rahman. He is no doubts one of the greatest and brave boxier! Skilled, experienced… top of the top World level!


North Nova13
Having a bad fight where you’re getting blown out comes with an opportunity for a heroic victory! Knowing that the only right thing to do is never quite. 🌽af


Александр Хасанов
рахман не боксер, если и выигрывал, грязный бокс, в этом бою полностью раскрылась подлая его тактика ведения боя, ВЛАДИМИР МОЛОДЕЦ!!!!!


Rector Sefalafala
In this fight Hasim was an embarrassment.


zini arapi
Zoti te japi gjith jeten fitore o vlla


Shovon Mukherjee
The fight should have been stopped after the 5th round.


Chad Kline
It doesn’t seem right to let Rahman keep hugging Klitschko (far more than a dozen times).


Хасим Рахман тут уже очень старый физически слабый и дохлый просто надобыло уже заканчивать бокс и непозориться Кличко могбы его даже инвалидом сделать на всю жизнь☝☝☝


Кирилл Вячеславович
Чтобы не трендели на Владимира,а он легенда, он 12 лет держал супертяж, 18 раз добровольно защищал свои титулы, а сейчас боксеры себе цены не сложат, не могут о бое договориться.


Frank Roper
This guy looks like a sparring partner like he don’t want to hurt the man just give him a work out!


Chad Kline
It’s great to have Lewis commenting!


paul john myburgh
thanks for your thoughts Steven.


Funny when Lennox said he stopped Rahman at his best in 4 rounds and this is in the 5th at Rahman’s wort and Wlad hasn’t stopped him yet, I guess old Lewis forgot he got completely KO’d by Rahman in the 5th round Wladimir was never even close to being hurt.


Good stoppage, Rahman had nothing left. Corner shouldn’t have let him out.


H.D. Mech. Mortenson
Nothing worse than seeing someone who doesn’t have any sense of urgency or want to fight. Brutal.


paul john myburgh
Klitchko is ponderous, unimaginative and slow witted, and will never be rated as one of the great heavy weights.


Cly Cly
Вотак выносили афроамериканцев..,


alex pastor
this is how boxers get brain damage


David Smith
Rahman was pissed. He wanted to get his brains more scrambled.


Pete Fenn
How long ago was this fight


Prabhat Singha
Ukrainian fights techtfully n American fights hapazardly. At the very beginning it’s prefixed fight will not last upto 12 rounds


Клинчи, клинчи и клинчи.


The shame of boxing, game played on «green carpet»… no real opposition of rahman not watching it is a shit…


Tim Tremblay
Klitchko’s too much for most other heavyweights. Rahman got pasted.


seputar Java Andalas chanel
Nyimak Bosku sukses sehat selalu Bosku mantap…


просто Серёга
или умный или сильный .


Nicolas Rose
This kinda shows the difference between trying not to get hit and defensive boxing…..


Trevor Leonard
This hasim is not an opponent,,, this is one side boxing ,, shame to see boxing like this ,


Ukrainian power!!!!🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦💪💪💪


Nik Boldvin
So ugly fight to watch I would be disappointed if I was sitting in there


Халит Булатов
владимир кличко точно так же и тайсона мог бы побить


Петр Сысоенко
Володя становился машиной.


If you wanna feel your worst, try Ka’shita.


Хамид Атаджанов
Это новый бой или старый


Gf Gd
Машина машаллах


They both can’t fight specially the black one… dnt at I’m black myself 🙃😂


Peter Tellis
Çonþestantw noþ Machen evly. Also not fighting the the same fight. Is this boxing or frreee style something èlse


Андрей Дорохов
А почему кличко избегал боев с российскими бойцами!! Тоессть со славянами??


quentin crisp
Is Wladimir a top 10 all time HW? Top 15? Top 20?


Alan Ortiz Colombo
Rahman didn’t have the will to fight. A boxing match not worth speaking of.


luan nguyen
trận này đánh lúc nào vậy

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