ПРЯМАЯ ТРАНСЛЯЦИЯ 🔴 Фигурное катание — Мужское произвольное катание на Национальных соревнованиях США⛸️

Присоединяйтесь к нам в прямом эфире на чемпионате США по фигурному катанию Toyota 2022 года в Нэшвилле, штат Теннесси.

Алена Шестовицкая
Вот это дебют у Ильи на 302 балла 🤯 очуметь 😁 браво 👏


I know Nathan won — he did great indeed — but Ilia was just so artistic and graceful… His spins are something else! Can’t wait to see him at the Olympic Games!


Azov Azov
Илья Малинин такой славный мальчишка, просто класс. Откатал безупречно. Настоящий Чемпион. Пусть всё у него сложится.


Anderson Santos
What a crazy day! The only skater that does not fell was Ilia, the youngest and the one with motives to be nervous. CONGRATS!


Yolanda Guo
Nathan is amazing even with that choreoseq fall 😂 Better here than at the Olympics. A deserved win. Malinin is so talented. Hoping that he can work harder on skating skills and artistry. He’s a future star in men’s field.


anna gofman
Илья подвинул таких титанов! Невероятный парень


Edichka LimonOFF
Поздравляю Арутюняна — он везёт на олимпиаду мальчика и девочку! 🙂 Ого, Малинина тоже Арутюнян тренировал!


Ника Солнечная
Нейтан красавчик,зажег так зажег 🏅⛸⭐️️даже досадные падения не испортили впечатления 😉😁✊,мы прекрасно понимаем сколько в нем силы и потенциала ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Илья умничка,очень рада ,что дебют удался ✊💖🎉


Malinin has been super consistent all season. This was well deserved Many congratulations!!!


Dilya Dzhuraeva
Hope Ilia will be chosen for Olympic Games. He was incredible!


Марина Ткаченко
Гениальные ребята👏👏👏,это ж сколько труда и упорства,мотивации!!Бесподобны💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥!!


Jun J.
Winning despite mistakes is what separates legends from simply great athletes. Well done, Nathan!


Jam N
GROUP 1 9:15 Artur Dmitriev 17:00 Sebastian Payannet 25:07 Ryan Dunk GROUP 2 1:22:38 Paul Yeung 1:30:43 Mitchell Friess 1:38:49 Dinh Tran 1:46:49 Yaroslav Paniot 1:56:17 Liam Kapeikis GROUP 3 2:12:14 Camden Pulkinen 2:20:40 Jason Brown 2:29:26 Jimmy Ma 2:37:27 Vincent Zhou 2:46:23 Ilia Malinin 2:54:32 Nathan Chen

Читать дальше


Lina Xu
Yay! Mariah & Nathan become us champs is the best thing of this championship.. Stay healthy and best of luck at the Olympics 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Marina Sergheeva
What a Surprise Ilia Malinin was, showed such a beauatifull and strong scating, i definitly be rooting for him from now and on, go Ilia, go!


This was probably Nathan’s last national, I don’t want to accept , hes so amazing skater


Алекс Пав
Илья был великолепен


Jonathan Cavallin
Vincent’s score was RIDICULOUS, he had like 5/6 underrotated jumps but he only received 2 «q» calls, this is embarrassing and unacceptable.


Paolo Lucas Vianini
Superb! I have a question : why is there a 4th place podium ? I’ve never seen that ! Thank you


Sol Covanvi
Nathan Chen he has a lot of style with music and dance


Ирина Полицына
Браво, Илья! Молодец! Надеюсь, он поедет на Олимпиаду.


Velina Buchvarova
Jason Brown! Amazing skate! Every move is perfect, poetry. It’s pity that he fell on the 4S. I can’t believe his PCs is less than a point higher than that of Nathan. I mean! Nathan is amazing skater, an athlete but his PCs is too high.


Dash Overton
Congratulations to the U.S. Skating Hall of Famers. I remember watching Tiffany Chin in the 1980s. To me, she had excellent musicality, grace, and a very “lady-like” style on the ice. Frank Carroll described Tiffany the best; she never had an unattractive position in any of her moves on the ice. From the positioning of her arms, her back, down to her fingertips, she exuded elegance. It’s great to see that the US Figure Association acknowledges her contribution to figure skating.


Diamond OfTheFirstWater
I really want to believe that the US figure skating Committee will decide to send Malinin to the Olympics. He deserves that more than anyone. I understand that many American cheers for Jason Brown, but please, be realistic, he doesn’t have chance for podium at Olympics.


Ilia was fantastic! Bravo!


Edichka LimonOFF
Нэйтана Чена с победой! Огненный — лучший на Земле!


Natanael Nonato
I think they should really pick the podium of these championships to go to the Olympics. Jason Brown indeed represents a lot for the US figure skating, but he doesn’t have many chances with only one quad… Ilia, although is debuting, has all the guts to go with Zhou and Chen


jj smith
hopefully Malinin gets an Olympic spot.


Jason Brown is my Favorite Skater !👏


The most discovery for me is Ilya. I hope he will be in Beijing


Lina Xu
Artur Dmitriev attempting 4A, and it’s just <!! If he was hanyu, we will be praised to the sky


Александр Стас
Илья конечно дал бой !! а на Олимпиаду поедет всё равно Браун ))🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈


Солнечный Круг
Nathan Chen, figure skating Superstar!!!


ilo zitta
Nathan is so charming)❤️ Charming champion!!)


Ana Carvalho


Татьяна Малиновская
что я имею сказать о Нейтане..) во первых обожаю его. Когда он только вышел, я уже почему-то начала волноваться.Всю программу я прям так за него волновалась, что мне кажется это Я напритягивала ему падений) И была приятно удивлена , когда услышала » Рокетмен» 2019 года. Обожаю эту программу!


Ben Bailey
I will be SO angry if they don’t name Illia Malinin as part of the Olympic team. He was second and scored over 300 points. Malinin’s score would have been 4th at 2018 Olympics and Jason isn’t going to score any higher than he did here. Also can’t believe how generous they were to Vincent Zhou with all those rotation issues. Shocking!


Ольга Беседова
Малинин красавец. На Олимпиаду попадает?


Ilia Malinin is such a cute little nugget, I hope he goes to the Olympics. Nathan was spectacular, even with the falls. I don’t know why people have a problem with this program, it’s so much fun! Love how he gives himself to it 100% — something I rarely see Yuzuru do tbh.


Nathan Chen — King Of Figure Skating 👏 👑 ⛸️


Adam Li
Ilia quad effortless and so smooth different than others Sometimes like triple


Edith Molina
Nathan Chen el niño prodigio del hielo de ayer creció hoy una estrella que brilla con su luz propia ahí está la perseverancia el trabajo constante la sabiduría del maestro y la inteligencia del alumno ¿ quién puede mostrar 6 títulos nacionales 3 títulos mundiales más 3 GPF? Y todos consecutivos solo un grande que tiene pasión por este deporte en referencia al joven del segundo lugar ya será el sucesor del número one de eso no cabe duda


Lisandra Souza
I really like Nathan but he’s too overscored. I feel like he’s becoming Scherbakova of men’s figure skating. 26 points diference from Ilia’s perfect programs 😓


Нияра Абдуллаева
Нейтан упал в дорожке😆все равно с падениями он на голову выше всех,гений 👏🏼


Temi Abad
Why did the commentator presume that Ilia Malinin is going to get silver when Nathan Chen hasn’t skated yet?


Илья Малинин -это шедевр!Но буду болеть за Нейтана Чена! Это любовь навсегда! Олимпийский пьедестал займут американцы мужчины. Ну а наши девушки займут пьедестал в женском-одиночном! ❤️❤️❤️


Lauriane GMS
Ilia is awesome but international he’s still a junior so i don’t think is eligible for the Olympic and honestly Jason deseverd to go to the Olympic people only see jump mostly quad ok without that he’s not gonna win but he has one of the most beautiful artisty in men!!


Who are the 3 going to the olympic games?


jj smith
if Chen had not fallen his TCS score would have been like 150 points.


Александр Стас
да запарили эти русские .. ну ладно чемп россии выиграли .. ну щас всё на Чемпе европы возьмут !! ну Олимпиада и затем Чемп мира !! вы чего ещё и американские медали забираете ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Nathan chen is the best skater in the world, the only one who has landed 5 clean quads in a program combined with artistry, he is the 6th national champion and the 3 times world champion. Bitter jealous fans, we don’t care about you, he’s ahead of the second by 26 points.


Jan Seb
It really says a lot when you like Vincent’s program more than Nathan’s.


Samantha Chan
I am sorry nathan, but that lava t-shirt… WHY!!!


За прокат Нейта с двумя падениями — 212 баллов. Обалдеть. Такая щедрость судей просто умиляет. А Илью поздравляю. Умничка.


bumble bee
Can they mute that commentator please! Please?


Никто не задевает душу,не на кого смотреть в нынешнем фк,катаются с пустыми глазами,как жаль,вместе с уходом таких великих фигуристов как Брайан Жубер и Ламбьель фк стало совершенно не интересным….какие же они были,легенды на все времена фк…


batya ruddell
In my opinion, no one skates better than Jason Brown. Ilia is close but the others are just jumping machines. Jason is one of the most beautiful men’s figure skaters the US has ever had. It is so sad that these days it’s all about the jumps and not artistry. The same is happening with the women. Jason will always be the skater I want to watch and who can move me to tears with his performances.


jess ica
who is the commentator here?


Пётр Скоморохов
Малинин был лучшим… Кореец недочемпион… С двумя падениями… Нагрибовали его просто от балды — 5-6 очков сверху за каждый прыжок, при том, что и прыжки-то были корявые… Без этих безумных грибов чемпионом был бы Малинин…


Sandra Kondo Minami
Really? Nathan Chen fell two times and receive Thais high pontuation!!! Come on when they will score Nathan Chen correctly? Because of this nobody believe in ISU anymore.


M Kashpur
Annoying commentator, very arrogant. Saying that Chen is the best in the world is very far-fetched with this kind of skate.


Nah, sorry but Nathan did not deserve this win, Ilia was tons better. Shame…

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