Артур Шпилька (Польша) против Деонтея Уайлдера (США) | НОКАУТ, БОКСЕРСКИЙ бой, HD

Профессиональный польский боксер-тяжеловес Артур Шпилька с прозвищем «Булавка» против американского самого эффективного панчера в тяжелом весе и спортсмена высшего ранга Деонтея Уайлдера с прозвищем «Бронзовый бомбардир». Бой за титул чемпиона мира по версии WBC в супертяжелом весе состоялся 16 января 2016 года в Барклайс-центре, Нью-Йорк, США. Зрелищный боксерский бой с нокаутом в HD.

Артур Шпилька (Польша) против Деонтея Уайлдера (США) | НОКАУТ, БОКСЕРСКИЙ бой, HD
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ярослав косенко
Поляк очень крутой боксер как он такие плюхи держал и достойно боксировал, но Деонтей это совсем другая история это мистер выключатель))).


Wilder had been outboxed many times, only the incredible power of his right cross punch saved it till Fury’s combats.


Николай Тихоненко
Фьюри по делу выиграл у него, размашистые атаки и низкая скорость. Фьюри намного быстрее, резче, как и Усик.


Two strong men trying to punch each other hard, and sometimes succeeding. No subtlety, unbalanced, no defensive skills. What’s most noticeable is that when Wilder lands a big blow, he stops. He could have had Szpilka down much earlier if he’d followed up the first time he landed a big one.


MistrzuBlaDY ;D
A noo pamiętam jak czekałem na tą walkę 😉 a potem jeszcze czekałem czy go nie zabił czy wybudzą szpilkę 🙄


Ramón L
Afortunada mano que ha impactado en la mandíbula, sino habría perdido. Pegada brutal la de Wilder, calidad boxística, nula.


Witold Gaik
Pajacował i wypajacował deski ducha,cicha.


Dommage pour le polonaire, mais à force d’en prendre,meme s’il encaisse bien (bonjour les cervicales), il y a une limite. Il n’a jamais peu mettre en difficulté le grand américain et lui a toujours permis d’appliquer son allonge de bras. Grand mérite tout de meme pour son courage et sa tenacité. J’espère que pas trop de dégats pour lui. Quant à l’américain, boxe propre sans gestes inutiles


Polish guy had quite a good chin. Took many blows without falling


Pete Kaminari
That was a great, short counter punch by Wilder, in response to Szpilka’s slow and very wide, sloppy punch. Szpilka has good power and showed good ability to evade punches with body and head movement. But, Szpilka’s punches are too wide and long his punches should be shorter and faster.


Alfred Balami
The Artur guy did better than what I earlier thought. He did well, wilder’s power punch took him down.


Richard Kapolyo
The last punch was just too much from wilder….😭


Pro Авто
Отличный бой. Уайлдер норм боксирует


Mario Sandro
Artur is great in every aspect, only if he had more aggressive attack.


Wilder looked really fast and athletic here. He couldn’t compete with the guy in a pure boxing match so he relied on his physical gifts,tricky fighter spilka is but wilder found the button and nailed him.


Karoo Eagle
That was sheer exhaustion. Fury must have learnt a lot about wilder in this fight. Spiltker did well taking the fight to wilder but clearly ran out of steam.


Kot Łolter
Artur mówił że Wilder wcale mocno nie bije ugółem


Jam Jest
Szpilka nadaje się do burd stadionowych nie do sportu.


Denilson Leitão


DJ Rondo
Was actually a pretty good fight and as the saying goes hard to fight lefty. However in the end the bigger man who could really punch won.


Megan ✨ Tαρ мє t0 ѕєχ ω!тн мє ✨
I think Deontay was having trouble with the left handed aspect, but in the end he took care of business.


James Lake- Mental Game Snooker Consultant
Even here u can see how many punches wilder actually missed


Nosa Omorogiuwa
I thought it was a recent match, until I saw Deontay’s undefeated record 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Mark Williamson
God knows I can’t stand Fury, but it’s pretty easy to see how he picked this guy apart. Jesus.


Efe Ajagba
Były emocje jak za Gołoty hehe Brawo


Jaydee Entertainment’s
Author really eat most of Wilders right hand, the guy has a lot of heart kudos to both fighters but this wilder was still an amateur


F. Mazz.
Wow! It didn’t look like a hard punch, but I guess it was. 🤷 It’s always the ones you don’t see coming that drop you. Too bad tho, the Polish dude was doing pretty good. All it takes is one mistake 🤕


Hui 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
Two strong men trying to punch each other hard, and sometimes succeeding. No subtlety, unbalanced, no defensive skills. What’s most noticeable is that when Wilder lands a big blow, he stops. He could have had Szpilka down much earlier if he’d followed up the first time he landed a big one.


William Price
At 37 and having to fight A level competition in order to climb back, Wilder’s best days are behind him.


That was an exciting fight, a good match…


kevin aviance
Deontay..you’ve been very lucky…..But this guy is AMAZING BOXEUR,,RESPECT!!!


Pedro Martinez
@8:46 Wilder showed you what he was trying to do all night…He’s not trying to see the judges….He’s trying to kill you literally….It don’t gotta look pretty it just has to work…There is alot of people in this world not many can say they was the HW champion for years. Much love from Alabama….stop hating on the man if you can do better…The world is watching


I think Deontay was having trouble with the left handed aspect, but in the end he took care of business.


Spilka’s spirit was already on the plane back to Poland before his body woke up 💪🥛


Anunaki Gilgamesz
Awesome fight. Respect to both fighters


Bumblin’ Biden
Deontae lookin’ like he had his face reconstructed previously by someone…


jese mart
Ese Wilder es un limitadazo. El polaco con un poco más de físico, lo somete.


rzep rzep
«…za Twoim przewodem» — przewód był — tylko zasilanie odłączyli xDDD


A. E.
holyshit this was a lucky moment for wilder ! szpilka was the better fighter !


The look in his eyes is a lot more humble and soft after fury beat him ..he doesn’t have that fierce stare..he’s realized he’s mortal . Crazy to see


Marcin Mak
Szpilka zachowuje się jak cwaniak na ringu .nic to dobrz o nim nie mówi .tam się ludzie szanujna nawzajem .tam zadzi reka


Нормально он лысому воткнул)


Michael B
And THAT’S why they called him Deontay «the wildman» Wilder


Something about Wilder, it was hard to see but he looked emotional after the bout


eddy c
very close fight . the polish guy took heavy shots and came back like a monster but also very open ..


J London
Back when he was undefeated That’s how you know this is old


Something about leaving on a stretcher attacks the pride of a boxer


Deontay knows that he was going to lose that Fight based on score. He was lucky to knock the guy out.


stu campbell
watching this you can see how wilder lacks the technical aspects. still has a good punch tho.


looking back we see all his weaknesses


Steve Montoya
He reminds me of a miniature Tyson fury. Of course fighting a full grown Tyson fury is much more difficult.


This was around when I first took notice of wilder . I remember him shouting bomb squad at dude and him shouting back


Dziki Dzik
I po co ta pajacerka ? to nie był rywal przy którym można by było coś takiego odstawiać, nie jestem żadnym ekspertem ale uważam, że jeśli Szpila miałby więcej pokory w tej walce to nie twierdzę, że by wygrał ale może by inaczej się to zakończyło a nie przez ciężkie KO….


David Brandel
I wonder what might have happened if Szpilka had been more aggressive in the earlier rounds.


James Lake- Mental Game Snooker Consultant
Has spilka fought since or did this fight retire him? 😣


Wilder was loosing the fight until that 👊 respect 2 both warriors


Szpilka was a solid top15 and he schooled wilder till he jumped into that hand his lights went out.


Michael Olinger
This is old footage, Tyson Fury buried his image…


jerry calvert
Artur was very sloppy and didn’t cover up much through the entire fight. What else did we expect to happen. But atleast he tried to fight unlike some others.


O Branco estava assimilando bem os golpes até levar um punch na ponta do queixo Fatality.


i liked the early Wilder was very humble and respectful, would be nice to see that version of him come back without the costumes.


Пётр Литвинов
Донатэй Фьюри садил на пятую точку. Мощный боксёр.


Jay Byrd
Deontay is straight garbage when fighting any great fighter. He found a way many times to use that eraser, but not with the greatest. Sometimes that hammer just won’t work for ya, but I am assuming it did in this fight. Not really interested in the hammer when I can go an watch talent instead. Cool video tho.


That little guy really gave it a go! wow what a warrior


That was Szpilka best fight guys. It was hes dream. Biggest night in his career. Long time waited but Wilder was then unstable. I think Szpilka showed him self from very good sight, best one sight from him.


alisok D.
Артур мое уважение….в конце заигрался


Паша Джо
Tovaricht временами впечатлял, но немного подкачал в конце.


Bonny Müller
Great Job from both Fighters , it was nice to See That Artur are not afraid — his Show was cool and boxingstylie i like…


Professor P
I was quite surprised with arturs movement. He’s definitely an inside fighter since he kept leaning in too much but wilders reach was the winning point in the fight especially since he landed a few straight rights that nailed Artur Eventually after Artur got tired he kept dropping his arms which ultimately lead to the vishis KO from wilder


peter gouldbourn
I think Deontay is very good and demonstrated his power in this fight. 🇬🇧


Masood khan
All spilka had to do was keep his jab going and avoiding the right hand ..he got hit a few times with that ..tyson got hit by the right three times in 3 fights


Станислав Леврон
Lucky punch from Bronze bomber, but Szpilka was good all rounds


Allen W.
Lmfao…»Sloppy Wilder» he won off pure heart…bcuz he was almost out….


Sebastian Gawiecki
Wilder pięknie pacnął w cytryne 🍋 Ajtuja po czym nasz wielki mongolski mistrz świata Ajtuj zrobił gołyn daun 😂


Falaniko Robertson
Wilder can’t fight for real, it’s his hight and reach is all he’s got


The only reason Wilder has won most of his fights is because of power and reach.


WOW that was a huge punch by a dude that size. WOW. hell to the yeah, USA all day…


Ding Dong
Gotta love wilder ,Awesome fight


Mehmet Aslan
İlk önce ne olduğunu annamadım adamın kendi yere düştüğünü sandım ama yumruğu yemiş yani.


When everyone though wilder was unstoppable.. then comes Tyson fury.. the gypsy king!!!


Luyinda Farads
At first wilder was not active but he managed to take over the match with aleft hook


Алексей Катаев
Классно забил шпильку в нужное место тоесть в пол.


After seeing how much punishment Wilder is willing to take when he lost to Fury I dont think anyone in the world BUT fury can beat him….. the man may not be the best boxer …but his right hand is fast and dynamite … he also has a GREAT CHIN and an Arturo Gatti HEART.


Robert St Don
Wilder does miss alot too .


Rigoberto Sandoval
Un verdadero campeón que no tiene ni que celebrar


It’s amazing just how total the mental breaking Fury did on him. I thought his work on Wlad was impressive, but to be in Wilders head rent free for life and the total breakdowns he had … amazing. Fury truly is the king


숏컷 대통령로이
미친 빠따력… ㅎㄷㄷ 저거 맞으면 죽지…


Владимир Дубинин
И всё ровно Дантей не тот что раньше как я хотел чтоб он Фьюри порвал.😔


Luca Martin
I would like to see Wilder against Ngannou!

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