James Thompson (England) vs Bobby Lashley (USA) | MMA Fight HD

Professional brittish heavyweight MMA fighter with huge forms James Thompson with nickname «The Colossus» against big WWE star and athlete Bobby Lashley with nickname «The Dominator». Fight took place in Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi, India on May 6, 2012. Full MMA fight video in HD. James Thompson (England) vs Bobby Lashley (USA) | MMA Fight HD Share and Subscribe!

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I was surprised by the decision because I thought Lashley won based on being the most aggressive fighter. Thompason was surprisingly lethargic. However, I do think Lashley was gassed even before he took that knee to the groin and milked the opportunity to take a long rest.


the goat
bobby lashley is one of the few bodybuilders that i know who can actually fight.


Round 2: ‘Both guys look fresh’ What? They looked knackered!


«Ken you can smell the pandemnmnemnnin the ayr, the electricity so thick you could cut it with knife» Nailed it


d jones
so I looked up these guys and they fought a second time 3 yrs later .. let’s just say, lashley made sure there was no decision the second time


F. Mazz.
I think he was imbellishing just a tad. Both fighters didn’t have much left in the tank. Doesn’t take that long to recoup


Eric Button
What a joke , Bob was clearly the winner


I think this was BS and Booby won ! He was clearly the better combatant . with way more class .




Erik Brazil
That crowd was not on it’s feet, and no matter how many times you say what a fight, that was pretty slow and lame.


No Good Cops
«The crowd is on its feet» Shows crowd, all sitting


Donnie Young
Should be a rematch with no low blows


Donn Lowe
Bobby should have stayed off the cage he was doing a better job at boxing him he should have kept moving and punching.


Efstratios Diakoniarakis
Clearly James Thompson lost the fight, he got destroy, he just was pushing his opponent to the fence !!!


the nattiest MMA fight


Jim Bob's Sports
How come Bobby Lashley doesn’t have the same explosiveness he has on WWE? 🤔🤔


Irish Potatoes
The announcers got hardons for Thompson, no way he won that fight.


Good Antics


the goat
big ass robbery, if bobby didnt get rubbed in this fight he probably would of kept fighting in mma instead of wwe.


super hulk
James is a beast and bobby also.


One tough Englishman there🇬🇧🇨🇦


I thought Lashley had more accurate hits. A lot of Thompson’s advantage is he was heavier and just leaned his weight on Lahley a lot. And the Ref thinks those low blows are «accidental»?? Really?? Gave Thompson a huge advantage visually making Lashley go to one knee and writhe in pain.


Bobby lashley was my landlord in Kansas. My toilet was broken for 3 months once 😂


The truth
This is the fight that you get when you have two terrible fighters.


ArachnidSoul (Wrestling, Gaming, Politics)
Lashley got robbed. I feel like they wanted to give Thompson that fight before it started. Multiple low blows as well from him. Lashley had the better takedowns and hands.


James Brown
Ok sounds like someone’s been punched in the head way to many times And Bobby won that easily judged should be ashamed


Sicko Twist
Bobby should have realized early on stand up fighting here would be victory. Takedowns not leading anywhere but getting tired. He should have won by ko in 1st. And I get the decision because Bobby spent too much time with back on fence


jean lapuma
Lashley trying to use anything he can to get a rest or he would lose


B Sinclair
Thompson didn’t do any damage because he moves with the speed of a glacier. You could time his punches with a sundial. If Bobby doesn’t gas early he knocks glacier boy out.


DoubleCrossed Swine
the push up at the bell sealed the deal. Surprisingly awful fight


Plot Twist: Santino Marella comes in and helps secure the win!


Look at his face. Lashley won.


Damien Holland
It must be exhausting doing that much cardio with that much muscle. It’s a great advantage when grappling but not for striking, I think. Could be wrong.




Lindsey Bill
What is it with Thomson hits people in nuts more than any other fighter I have ever seen ,part of his strategy I think .


Volodumur Boyar
Не пойму чё смуглый лез в клинчь? Он же нормально достает на дальней дистанции. А зефир на дальней вообще практически ноль…


Серёга -АЛЕКС
Каких годов этот бой, вроде Бобби сейчас уже поболее чем 35 лет нет?


Silvio Souza


Michael Kniazuk
Bobby Ashley won that fight. .


Lindsey Bill
How when Thompson was on his back three times bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




James Brown
You must be mad the judges are a joke


Ace Face
you have to be a really bad fighter to lose over that bum


Archival Enriquez
Robbery match. Clearly lastly won the fight.


Yassen Ali
Why were the results falsified? Answer please


So what fight were the judges watching


Both fighters are out of shape


Evan Marenco
Thompson needs to forget mma he can’t fight he’s in the wrong game ..should take up filling the shelfs in asda


Raimundo Evangelista
Esse Bobby é só o saco de pancadas????? Kkkkkkkkk muito 👎


Jaaaa kämme ihm die Augenbrauen, sonst verliert er bestimmt das Gleichgewicht 🤣 Der Kaffee braune hätte ringer werden sollen und nicht Boxer.


Lamine Amouri
C’est pas juste le vainqueur c’est Boby.


jean lapuma
Lashley isn’t hurt just out of wind


тёмненький по быстрее будет


Constantin Nescu


jean lapuma
Lashley is just tired not hurt


Raul Lopez
Ninguno de los 2 es bueno!!!! Basura de pelea!!!!


анаболики против гормона роста?


Mustafa Akat


Абдурахмон Болтаев


Yassen Ali
The judiciary is not fair, the result has been overturned, the judiciary has been stolen, and the result has been lost


Kalevi Perse
Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar…maybe someday


Sartono San


Davveed Isreal
Miscalculated it was a draw or lansley won he punch and landed more shots .. unfair scoring dat look at Thompson face wat y’all think


владимир гуленко
Чемпеон мира поборьбе съяйцами


deniz lor


Igor Yakovlev
Порноборьба / pornfight…


Lawrence Mariano
Old dirty tactics by thompson…even in ufc he’s already doing this thats why this guy isnt fun to watch…


Michael Olinger
🐂💩, 🐂💩!!! Wrong call!!!


Patrick Muhumuza
USA is not good at all in this boxing bad guy


Memmedov Xaliq


David Asidu
Commentator doesn’t like Bobby obviously


Edgar Ramos
I don’t care about any of these guys but how the fuck did they give it to the guy in red? Some one explain it to me? The blue guy landed better strikes, got more take downs, did the most damage, and he took 2 illegal blows to the groin. Very strange scoring.


Tahj Massey
Did Bobby lashley cuz they racist

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