Александра Трусова — Мужчина до 2022 года — ЭКЗАМЕН / Александра Трусова — ЧЕ — 16.01.2022

Саша стоит у бортика

Starts at 5:16


skater girl
I prefer to watch your videos to the regular streams, the quality is brilliant and it feels as if we are all there enjoying the performances with you! Thank you very much for your content!


Vlog Eduarda & Aléxia
SASHA is unbelievable, what a spectacular number


Alejandra González
Te espero en los Olímpicos eres tu propia rival a vencer logra una rutina perfecta ánimo.


Vlog Eduarda & Aléxia


Valentina Ruiz
incredible videos as always!!


skater girl
This and Kavatar are my favorite gala programs so far this season! Brilliant!


Vlog Eduarda & Aléxia
Too beautiful, Amazing and adorable


ESMA Hamsa
as always thank you ❤️❤️ i was waiting for your videos 😁😁


Feli Dewi
7:43 Her cantilever never ceases to amaze me..




Too bad she didn’t do the hairstyle she did in Russia. She has a lot of personality — in a fun way


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