Рокки Филдинг (Англия) против Канело Альвареса (Мексика) | НОКАУТ, БОКСЕРСКИЙ бой, HD

Профессиональный британский боксер и чемпион WBA Майкл Филдинг с прозвищем «Рокки из Коренастого» против самого популярного многократного чемпиона мира в четырех весовых категориях мексиканца Сауля Альвареса с прозвищем «Канело» («Корица»). Бой за суперсредний пояс WBA состоялся в Мэдисон-Сквер-Гарден, Нью-Йорк, США, 15 декабря 2018 года. Зрелищный и эпический боксерский поединок с нокаутом в HD, Основные моменты.

Joel Roberts
I love that 5 7 combo. Takes a lot of skill and conditioning to throw those punches back to back so quickly.


Mad respect to Fielding; he fought well and valiantly, but he just couldn’t handle Canelo’s power. It would be an honor to lose to a champion that well


I could feel those shots all the way here in Seattle. That boy punches harder than anyone I’ve ever seen.


thomas tirol/florida
I think the English man has a lot going for him. Brave,quick and a true fighter. Loads of ptoential. But he needs a world class coach. Besides, no shame in getting knocked out by Canelo.


rocky fielding’s mistake was stopping to exchange blows with canelo being taller it would be perfect for canelo to hit the body


As Canelo Chepo Reynoso’s coach said, geniuses make things easy


casuals like to cry about this fight this man canelos first fight at 168 and the man had a Good record this fight was to test the waters and well canelo passed


Doubletime 29
That livershot wonderful 😄👍🏻


carman thomas
The brit needs a better coach Why didn’t he fight off the insanely long reach advantage? Piss poor fight plan . He got totally embarrassed.


jean lapuma
Tough hard punches Canelo great job


canelo is a very smart boxer


Canelo Alvarez 👏👏👏👍


I don’t even remember this dude Canelo fought.


Michael Luciano
What kind of Fighters has this guy been fighting for five years. this guy sucks, he shouldn’t be in the ring with Alvarez. totally outclassed.


Just Bill
Mr Alvarez, Can I have that cool shirt you wore. I would be a hit with the senior Bocce games this summer. Love you buddy.


Keith Lauder Jr
I give him credit for taking his licks for his paycheck, refreshing!


pacman lp
El inglés se le planta en corta? Inentendible qué no usa el jab ara mantener distancia. Cómo que la pelea está un poquito arreglada no?


Mario Marino
L’inglese non è male ma non fa’ male e nella boxe se non fai male i tuoi colpi non servono a nulla.


Leroy Xiong


OhLord ImGreat


Just Bill
If a man go’s to the mat after Liver shot, the fight should be stopped. Somebody is going to die with massive hemorrhaging.


Billy Shupe
Damn 😳 body yady-yady-yady-yady-yady lol 😆 he put them shots ON THE MONEY SON 💯 shit made my ribs hurt just watching 😬 LEGEND’S LIVE ON 💪 respect Billy from Baltimore brotha 🤬👊 game over


Tim Rose
If you’ve ever been punched in the liver all ya gotta do is think about and it hurts even years later…


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