, HДоминик Бризил (США) против Энтони Джошуа (Англия) | НОКАУТ, БОКСЕРСКИЙ бойD, 50 кадров в секунду

Профессиональный американский боксер-тяжеловес Доминик Бризил по прозвищу «Трабл» (17-0, 15 КО — рекорд перед боем) против британского спортсмена-тяжеловеса, золотого призера олимпийских игр и чемпиона мира по версиям IBF, WBA и IBO Энтони Джошуа по прозвищу «Эй Джей» (16-0, 16 КО — рекорд перед боем). Бой состоялся на арене O2 в Лондоне, Англия, 25 июня 2016 года. Зрелищный боксерский бой с нокаутом в HD.

HTF can you be «champion» after 16 fights? Really, the heavyweight situation is ridiculous.


Papa Herman
AJ good, cuma pertahannya kurang rapat and serangan balasannya kurang cepat, klo ketemu lawan yg modelnya ky Mike Tyson pasti kerepotan


Edwin Semidey
Breazeal did not Train he looked lazy and SLOW


omar said
And suddenly all boxer are 7 foot tall long spaghettis


Kamal Singh Thapa


Michael Nonju
Good improvement for Joshua


Shoxrux Jorayev
Joshua 💪💪💪💪💪😘👍


Tyson and usk best of der world,,josua no men no kra


Daniel T Thomsen
punching bag opponent , and you call this improvement ? luuuuuuuul


Ahmad Dani
Joshua vs usick knouk out 👎


Not even close simply outclassed


The Incorrigible Goatslayer
Brezeale was a punching bag, Joshua isn’t good, just better than Brezeale the Bag. One clearly was in shape for the fight also. Fury, Usyk, recently retired Wilder beats both of these two easily.


Doctor Boy
Definitely not champion of the world. Has to defeat Fury for that to be true sorry. Fury 6″9″ is also very fast and has a lot of power. Fury is a a lot bigger than Jushua 6’7″and in a sport where the take down is banned, height and reach are important factors. In MMA, the shorter, stocky fighters like the magnificent Ngannou 6’4″ are the greatest.

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