Сайдмен Тиндер В Реальной Жизни Youtube Издание
kzclip.net «…сайдмены трут в реальной жизни…»/
ПОДРУГА Реагирует На САЙДМЕНА ТИНДЕРА В РЕАЛЬНОЙ ЖИЗНИ (ИЗДАНИЕ НА YOUTUBE) — РЕАКЦИЯ. ykmMaster. Рет қаралды 4,7 М.6 ай бұрын.SidemenSunday #GirlfriendReacts #Sidemen В этом видео моя американская подруга отреагировала на SIDEMEN TINDER В РЕАЛЬНОЙ ЖИЗНИ … 6:51. Гарри и Стивен пытаются | ЛУЧШИЕ САЙДМЕНЫ TINDER

George Janko
THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!! Thanks for having me

88 тыс.


I love how Ethan laughs like he just straight understands Harry’s humour

3,7 тыс.


Tobi was unbelievably cold in this whole episode. Every line was good and clever.

2,7 тыс.


Alex Guzman
I am surpised how not many people are talking about how good jorge was lol. The dancing and the energy was perfect for sidemen tinder


Fullmetal Ninja
Harry’s humor just carries every time i love it

1,4 тыс.


999 for life
I’m starting to like Mike he’s actually funny 😭


Harry is hilariously out of pocket

43 тыс.


Papasito Rico
Ethan knows he’s introuble when he gets home from the last one😂😂😂

1,5 тыс.


Free Bird
It’s honestly so great to see the Sidemen and Logan getting along like this after all their history


It’s hard to believe that one can top the others… but I have to say this tinder absolutely was insane. Every line every act just worked. The chemistry between the two groups meshed so well this is an 8 outta 8 great mate


Ray Uddin
Mike the ex drug addict saying what drugs is Harry on is the best thing ever


The happy squeal that Mia does when Tobi runs up to JJ has me dead 😂


Ben Foster - The Cycling GK
Killing it lads 💪🏼💪🏼

29 тыс.


Mixed YC
Y’all are not complementing Mike enough 🤣 he was hilarious


Ruben Ham
We gonna ignore the fact that juju was feeling tf outta tobi🤣🤣🤣


Raul Santiago
George is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever seen😂😂😂😂😂


Jamesy Shmin
Ethan sacrificed so much to make this a banger, I hope everything works out with him and faith, brother risked it all for a stuck step sis joke 😂


Harry is the one carrying these to be honest, his lines are so random it’s actually funny 😂


I have been waiting for this

8,5 тыс.


Maria de-flower me now
I haven’t laughed so hard in a while logan’s facial expressions are the best this has to be the greatest tinder video so far 😂😂


Talha Khan
tobi: «vik if i live here i’ll go to hell» absolutely killed me


Gaming with Froy GWF
This tinder in real life was legit one step away to become a different type of video lmao


Sophia Miller
The sidemen are hilarious. But George stole the show with this one. Absolute quality!


Paul Cuffaro
Bro George is too funny😂

5,2 тыс.


Ethan’s life flashed before his eyes when Mia went up to him


I love that ksi and Logan are friends seeing these 2 groups interacting is hilarious


Tobi staring good at Emily making sure he doesn’t miss his opportunity again😂


T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
It doesn’t matter who they host, Harry’s lines will never be topped😂


No one can disagree that Harry is the MVP of Sidemen Tinder Show

37 тыс.


T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Everyone: Outrageous pick-up lines Harry: Did u know they bet on chickens in Romania? 😂😂


We need more Sidemen US tinder with Logan, Mike, and George 😂


Daniel Onyemah
The reactions as Mia approached Ethan is priceless especially Harry and Vik🤣


James Holland
Love how mike kept hyping up harry 😂 what a combo🤣


George holding his hand out made me laugh more than it should have


This is the most insane collaboration ever I can’t wait

15 тыс.


this is exactly how i’d expect tinder in real life in the US to go😭


I love the amount of energy George has😂


Lavelle Tripp
Better than anticipated! I wonder why they skipped Logan and Emily.


ur mom
Watching sidemen videos at 3AM is a mood, I can’t help but burst out laughing every video bro


We need another one of these this year

11 тыс.


Howard Hester
I didn’t want this to end. Please do more of these


Vik is still getting yes’s after declaring he’s engaged, lmao


Oh Dad
This is the best one yet Lmfao keep doing more of these please 😂😂😂😂😂


Alysia Figueroa
It doesn’t matter who they host, Harry’s lines will never be topped😂.

10 тыс.


Maria de-flower me now
The pure panic on everyone’s face when she went to sit on Ethan 😭😭


Maria de-flower me now
Even after like 4 tinder episodes Harry’s lines are still so random😂😂😂


Harry never fails to deliver 😂😂😂


TCO Creation Studios
7:23 This part had me laughing. Even when the man fainted and tobi said «I didn’t even see, I didn’t SEE!!!!!!!!!!»


Sonia’s Way
It doesn’t matter who they host, Harry’s lines will never be topped with anything


Mike Majlak Vlogs

9,2 тыс.


Number one trending in the US and UK passing up a marvel trailer, the bois went off with this one 👏🔥


Anthony Glass
Emily Willis and Tana had me crying 💀


Patrick Nelson
Honestly Harry’s joke at 10:30 is the best pick up line I’ve ever heard


Conner Mills
George really just turned it into a dance off


عبد المجيد العنزي
George literally is the star of this episode


wolfy wonders
Simon saying that he would’ve said yes to JJ in the first go reminded me of the best duo bond in the sidemen


Luthando Mbili
George’s jokes were so good 😂


Best sidemen tinder yet. They don’t disappoint


luca scaglioni
harry’s lines are unmatchable


Harry is blessed with comedy, the fact that he’s not trying to be annoying is amazing!

10 тыс.


Deytron Wilson
People don’t realize how much ammo George supplied many guys with these pick up lines 😂


Noah Brumby
this was probably the best sdmn sunday ever i laughed the entire time none stop


3:48 Ethan’s line is way too under-appreciated Had me rolling


Vik kept talking about his fiancé , Ethan nearly lost his relationship, ksi didn’t need to say anything and got a yes , Harry was just Harry , George carried . Wow what a video😂


luca scaglioni
we need more tinder videos these are gold


Jeff Jeffers
I wanna see George and Filly in the same room together. Their energies are so similar

2,3 тыс.


Mathew Penney
Love this episode, impulsive and side men go hand in hand together


10K Challenge with 0 video
Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints us


Maria de-flower me now
Everyone: Outrageous pick-up lines Harry: Did u know they bet on chickens in Romania? 😂😂


Jessy Pinto
Another banger!!! Soo many funny pickup lines and I love the vibes between them all. Such an awesome episode!!


Maria de-flower me now
i like how everytime harry is in the sidemen tinder videos and hes saying his line, he stops his line to explain what he said means and he gets a yes everytime, harry is the best man 🙂


Brody Gawryletz
This wasn’t nearly long enough. I need a solid hour of this 😂😂

5,4 тыс.


Yash Jain
We need more of this collaboration.


Chris Els
George really put in one of the best performances we’ve seen on this channel


Harry’s lines are EVERYTHING


Kai Amundsen
Tobi actually killed this one! Love that guy!


Adrian Sanchez
Can we all just agree we need more of these bangers videos


David Ramirez Jr.
George’s energy is so fire😂😂


Miroslav Tihomirov
The best one yet! More videos with Mike George and Logan would be awesome.


This was definitely the freakiest tinder in real life


Sonia’s Way
The sidemen are hilarious. But George stole the show with this one. Absolute quality!


The fact that Harry’s old lines were repeated in this video shows who the king of tinder in real life is 👑

3,5 тыс.


kingkeemz hunter
this was legendary tobi was on demon time and george was soo entertaining


abcd efg
Their dads would be so proud


CroniXx PlayZz
This was freaking amazing definitely need a part 2-3-4 & 5 amazing episode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


George had the best pick-up lines 🔥🔥


Tridash Kashyap
George has been crazy dude damn, his pickup lines were so good

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