STAYC(스테이씨), ВЫБОР ШОУ!(Версия без редактирования.) [ШОУ 220726]


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Nasrun Sj
Stanning STAYC because I can vividly see how gorgeous & talented the members are. They literally make my heart flutter .


ohio in the 90s
It’s so heartwarming to see Stayc girls win and perform an encore among idols and live audience for the first time 😭🤗💖


darren go
As expected, their live vocals never disappoint!


Ahmad Yunus
They eat CD Their voice so clear and same with in the album They work hard Lets walk in flower road StayC


Baculi, Franchelle Gene V.
1:49 Chaehyun and Isa’s hug .Omg! 2 gorgeous bestiesss


day6 but 5
chaehyun looks so happy seeing stayc win!


ohio in the 90s
Their vocals are bonkers 😳


Diemas Bayu F
They Are All Really Visually Talented


스테이씨&루브 (STAYC And Ruv)
스테이씨 라이브도 잘하고 수고 많았어!!!


Other fans (protecting idols not singing good im encore): they’re having fun, encores dont have to be perfect. Meanwhile stayc having fun and singing well.


yass queens slaying those live vocals


As expected Queen of Live singing slaying encore as always.. they sounds exactly like in Studios..Congratulations girl deserves 👏 indeed Seeun 4th generation visual you’re shining like Diamond in front of people 💎 blonde Supremacy 🛐


Less talking, more hitting!
Seeun is the palest idol in this generation wow her fair pink undertone skin always stands out and i thought Chaeryong and Chaehyun were the palest but Seeun’s skin still stands out!!!


못하는게 뭔지 인사까지 잘하네~~


cutie Official
why no one hugging yoon when she crying. My precious baby always cry as the winner. I REALLY WANT HUG HER SO BAD IF IM RIGHT THERE . Yoon you deserve it i love you.


Margaret Rita Igba
The audience there are vibe killers, if I were there I’ll sing my lungs out. Too bad. There was no motivation but my babies killed it as usual.


Martini Ratnasari
My girls getting what they deserved


I could feel they wanna cry specially in the edited ones where it was close up I was happy for them


스테이씨 수고했어❤💖


울슽씨 뷰몬1위 너무 축하해…자윤이 뒤돌아서서 우는거 진짜 맴찢…ㅠㅠ 1위 많이 하기를!!! 사랑해 스테이씨!!!♡♡♡


스테이씨 1위 축하해 🎉




Shivangi Mishra
Damn i love my girl’s 😭😭😭😭😭💓


Why They Cut It😩 I Wanted To Hear The Last Chorus & High Note


TeamAloha Ty
J is so stunning!! Love


ISA I love you️Soo beautiful🛐


라이브 왤케 잘해ㄷㄷ 현장에서 들으면 더 째질 듯


是問問(yezi 93)


staycdt04 _04
스테이씨 잘 했어유ㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 굿 잡~ 사랑해요!!!! 파이팅!


J is so goofy i love her!!


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