3 Выступления с наивысшим баллом в опорном прыжке || Классика 2022 года Среди женщин

Лиэнн Вонг : 14.400
Шилес Джонс : 14.400
Джослин Роберсон : 14.000

J.J Lastname
I’m rooting for both Shilese and Leanne for AA gold. Slightly leaning towards Shilese coz I love me a good bar worker. Also she could probably add another half twist to that vault


If Leanne can do a one-handed Lopez that well, she can handle a Cheng lol


T Webster
Glad to see the American women doing a second vault.


in general, this is a weaker american quad than those from the past decade. the vault is but one area where this is apparent. more glaring is the absence of a strong all-around gymnast who can be relied on to compete for a medal in both the all-around AND multiple apparatus finals. we had this depth with memmel/liukin/johnson (2005-2008), douglas/wieber/raisman (2009-2012), biles/raisman/douglas (2013-2016), and hurd/biles/lee (2017-2021). these quads were also supported by solid specialists, capable of competing for international medals on one or two events (e.g., sacramone, maroney, kocian, fernandez, carey, etc.). the latest u.s. classic indicates there are some critical gaps, at least among these performers. still, patience is advised to see how the u.s. team evolves. leanne wong did well here, though it is striking that since the last world championships there seems to be no major upgrades in her routines. the absence of jade carey and konnor mcclain prevents us from fully assessing the strength of this quad. they are both strong on two events, so if they build their skills on an additional one (for example, jade carey on either bars or beam, and konnor mcclain on vault or bars), they will be true all-around contenders. moreover, it is reasonable to assume that a few juniors may emerge as the real standout of this quad when they become age-eligible. finally, it’s worth noting that gymnastics has greatly improved in other countries. brazil, the u.k., and italy seem to have ascended to the same tier as the u.s., russia, and china. without a biles in our corner, the competition is steeper than it has been in many years.

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Joscelyn Roberson reminds me a bit of Vanessa Atler.




Joseph Qualtier
Show me one other amanar being done rn?


Elise Perron
Not at classics. No one is going to peak this early.


Nondescript Being
It’d be stupid to risk one at a relatively unimportant mid quad competition


Victor Beauregarde
They aren’t worth that much in comparison anymore anyway.


Zane ryx harold Sayson
its very risk now to do it espcially the executions are very strictly judge this year so morely we can see gymnast only performing slightly easy vaults


The amanar (along with most vaults) was downgraded 0.4 tenths this quad. I’m sure you know this, but the motto for gymnasts these days is something along the lines of if it’s not worth it, don’t do it. Meaning if it’s more dangerous than it is scored for don’t preform it. So I imagine we will be seeing a lot less of the Amanar this quad, but that’s just a theory!

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