Самые красивые моменты Деспины ХАРАЛАМБУС (2022) Атлетика

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31 июл. 2022 гДеспина Хараламбус Красивая прыгунья в высоту легкоатлетка
моменты Средиземноморских игр 2022 года в прыжках в высоту среди женщин Деспины Хараламбус Оранжевый
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James Seaton
Charalambous winning all day from 6th to 9th place. Turns out it really is the taking part that counts!


Philip Friend
How is it we never see these beauties on TV?


The beauty of so many female athletes is unbelievable. A great number of them could be models. DC is the most beautiful female athlete IMO.


The Darkman
So nobody notices Charalambrous jumps about 20cm below all the world class high jumpers.


polynikos lion
Amazing charalambous what a beauty


Bert M
Stunning beauty! 😍😍😍….her high jump,on the other hand. …..




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